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David Eves: Colorado Energy Plan moves state forward – 09-09-2017 Boulder Daily Camera

Under our recently announced Colorado Energy Plan, Xcel Energy’s electricity supply could be 55 percent renewable by 2026, making the goal of being completely carbon-free much more within reach.

‘Steel for fuel’: Xcel CEO Ben Fowke on his utility’s move to a renewable-centric grid – 07-77-2017 Utility Dive

By 2021, Xcel expects wind to be its single largest energy resource — and that means big changes to grid operations. Fowke sat down with Utility Dive to discuss what the transition entails.

David Eves: 100 percent renewable energy can be closer than you think – 04-15-2017 Boulder Daily Camera

The city of Boulder and Xcel Energy have been negotiating in good faith for the last 15 months to find the best way to work together in place of the city’s effort to form its own electric utility.

Editorial: Let voters decide utility options – 04-15-2017 Boulder Daily Camera

David Kreiger, writing for the Boulder Daily Camera editorial board, weighs in on the proposed ballot options.

Boulder to consider settlement offers from Xcel in 7-year municipal utility saga – 03-31-2017 Boulder Daily Camera

City Council announces April meetings to weigh offers.

Xcel Energy to invest billions in new wind farms in Colorado, elsewhere – 03-21-2017 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy Inc. is making a multibillion-dollar investment in wind power across seven states, from Minnesota to New Mexico — and using Colorado-made turbines from Vestas Wind Systems for a large chunk of it.

Editorial: Don Quixote and the muni – 02-21-2017 Boulder Daily Camera

Gene Camp’s recommendation that the Colorado Public Utilities Commission reject the separation plan Boulder submitted to establish a municipal electric utility sets up an interesting test of City Council’s relationship with the real world.

PUC’s chief engineer recommends denial of Boulder’s muni plan – 02-20-2017 Boulder Daily Camera

The Public Utilities Commission’s chief engineer recommends the commission deny Boulder’s pending application to acquire certain Xcel Energy assets and form a municipal electric utility.

Solar storage project in Stapleton could change energy consumption – 02-16-2017 KMGH-Channel 7 (Denver ABC)

The Stapleton neighborhood in Denver has the largest concentration of personal solar in the city. That’s why Xcel Energy is using the neighborhood to figure out how to store solar energy in banks of batteries.

Xcel Energy jumps last hurdles for massive Rush Creek Wind Project – 02-2-2017 The Denver Post

Construction may start in the next month or two.

Vestas gets big order from Xcel for $1 billion Colorado wind farm project – 07-07-2016 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy said the wind farm will triple the number of Vestas-made wind turbines spinning in Colorado.

PUC gives green light to solar garden plan by Xcel – 06-29-2016 Denver Business Journal

The Colorado PUC reversed itself and gave a green light to a settlement proposal on so-called “community solar gardens” between Xcel and three solar energy companies that the commission had earlier rejected.

Boulder gets rare chance at close-up with top Xcel official – 06-27-2016 Boulder Daily Camera

Xcel Energy’s Alice Jackson was in Boulder for a public conversation on the future of energy distribution, hosted by the local nonprofit Clean Energy Action.

Xcel forecasts big 3rd quarter drop in electricity bills – 06-16-2016 KUSA-TV

Low natural gas commodity prices are translating into big drops in Colorado electricity bills, according to Xcel Energy Inc.

Xcel hurrying Rush Creek Wind Farm approval to save utility, customers $443M – 06-15-2016 The Denver Post

Xcel Energy, in a race to save $443 million on a proposed $1 billion wind farm, convinced the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to squeeze its hearing into three days in September.

Amid industry shift, keen national interest in Boulder-Xcel settlement talks – 06-11-2016 Boulder Daily Camera

But a lot has changed in the time that Boulder has spent on municipalization. Five years ago, there was far less public and political pressure on utilities to change the way power is generated and distributed. The shift has been stark enough that Bailey, when asked whether she’d embark on municipalization in Boulder today, knowing what she knows now, said, “maybe not.”
She noted, though, that in 2011, “there weren’t many better alternatives.”

Xcel, Boulder in talks to end years-long battle over a city utility – 06-08-2016 KUSA-TV

Boulder’s years-long efforts to create a city-owned-and-operated electric utility — and kick out Xcel Energy Inc. as its local utility — may be ending.

Xcel, Boulder in talks to end years-long battle over a city utility – 06-08-2016 Denver Business Journal

The announcement said the two sides were discussing potential terms of the settlement agreement, such as: Ways that Xcel and Boulder could support each other’s objectives and plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing the use of renewable energy. …

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver Eureka! Summer Program – 06-08-2016 Villager Online

The theme of the 2016 Eureka! summer program is “Building a Great City” and major partners include: CH2M, Xcel Energy, Comcast, Lockheed Martin and PCL Construction.

Boulder, Xcel in talks to end city’s bid to create electric utility – 06-08-2016 Boulder Daily Camera

Boulder and Xcel Energy today announced they are discussing a possible settlement to ongoing litigation that would end the city’s push to form a municipal electric utility.
Under any agreement, both parties said, Xcel would continue to be the electric service provider to Boulder customers.

LED Lights Make Communities Across Metro Area Brighter – 06-02-2016 KCNC-TV

Communities across the Denver metro area will be brighter as Xcel Energy installs LED streetlights.The LED lights use less electricity and last longer. They will also need less maintenance and won’t be replaced often.

Xcel Energy sees less emissions, more renewable energy use – 05-24-2016 Electric Light & Power

Xcel Energy’s commitment to clean energy is benefiting the customers and the environment in the communities it serves. By adding wind and solar power, retiring aging coal plants and expanding energy efficiency programs, the company has significantly reduced emissions and water consumption across its operations.

New, private data will inform Boulder’s plan to separate from Xcel – 05-19-2016 Boulder Daily Camera

Xcel Energy on Thursday provided Boulder with data about its electric distribution system to which the city has not had access to this point, and that will largely inform how – and whether – Boulder proceeds in its attempt to form a municipal utility.

Xcel Colorado files for 600 MW wind project, the state’s biggest ever installation – 05-17-2016 Utility Dive

Xcel Energy filed with the Colorado PUC for approval of a $1 billion spend on the 600 MW Rush Creek Wind Project and an accompanying 90 mile, 345 kV transmission line – the biggest wind installation in Colorado.

Xcel divulges more details about new 600-megawatt Colorado wind farm – 05-16-2016 BizWest

Xcel Energy has disclosed more details about a 600-megawatt wind farm the company announced last month it would have constructed in eastern Colorado by Vestas Wind Systems.

Xcel Energy donates to United Way – 05-15-2016 The Greeley Tribune

Xcel Energy donated almost $48,000 to United Way of Weld County’s Annual community campaign on May 5 at the Fort St. Vrain facility in Platteville.

Xcel Energy proposes $1 billion Colorado wind farm – 05-14-2016 Fort Collins Coloradoan

Xcel Energy-Colorado president David Eves says the wind farm would cut carbon pollution by 1 million tons annually.
The wind farm would cover 90,000 acres across five eastern Colorado counties.

Xcel Energy files for $1 billion Rush Creek Wind Project – 05-13-2016 Boulder Daily Camera

The project is a key element of Xcel’s “Our Energy Future” vision for Colorado. The company plans to add an additional 400 megawatts of renewable energy, which will be detailed in a filing to state regulators later this month.

Xcel Energy seeking Colo. PUC approval of 600-MW wind farm – 05-13-2016 SNL

Xcel Energy Inc. on May 13 asked Colorado regulators for approval of the 600-MW Rush Creek Wind Project, one of the larger proposals for a wind power facility in the U.S.

Xcel explores new battery technology to fill gaps – 05-13-2016 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy is marrying rooftop solar and the grid.

Xcel to build $1 billion wind-power project, Colorado’s biggest – 05-13-2016 KUSA, Denver Business Journal

Xcel said the project also will be “one of the state’s most cost-effective wind projects” and will use wind turbines built in Colorado by Vestas Wind Systems, the Danish wind turbine manufacturer that has four manufacturing plants in the state and employs about 4,000 people.

Xcel Energy files for $1 billion Rush Creek Wind Project – 05-13-2016 The Denver Post

Xcel Energy-Colorado president David Eves said the project will eliminate about 1 million tons of carbon pollution each year.

Xcel Energy Files to Refund $15M to Colorado Electric Customers – 05-04-2016 Energy Manager Today

Xcel Energy filed with the Colorado Public Utility Commission on April 29 for approval to refund $14.9 million to its 1.4 million Colorado electricity customers via a credit on their monthly bills.

Xcel Energy to return $14.9 million to Colorado customers – 04-29-2016 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy on Friday asked state regulators to approve returning $14.9 million back to its Colorado electricity customers via a credit on their monthly bills.

Xcel’s power play – 04-15-2016 Denver Business Journal

It proposes adding up to 1,000 megawatts of wind and solar power to Xcel’s Colorado portfolio, ranging from 123 megawatts worth of small rooftop systems to large, utility-scale solar power plants.

Xcel Energy Named No. 1 Utility Wind Provider for 12th Consecutive Year – 04-12-2016 Electric Light & Power

The American Wind Energy Association named Xcel Energy the top utility wind energy provider utility in the U.S. for the 12th consecutive year. “It’s an honor to lead the nation in wind energy for a dozen years running,” said Ben Fowke, Xcel Energy chairman, president and CEO. “It reflects our company’s commitment to clean energy and the environment, while providing customers with the renewable energy options they want.”

Xcel Energy Named No. 1 Utility Wind Provider for 12th Consecutive Year – 04-12-2016 Business Wire

Xcel Energy’s leadership in wind energy reached another milestone today as the American Wind Energy Association named the company the country’s top utility wind energy provider for the 12th consecutive year.
“It’s an honor to lead the nation in wind energy for a dozen years running,” said Ben Fowke, Xcel Energy chairman, president and CEO. “It reflects our company’s commitment to clean energy and the environment, while providing customers with the renewable energy options they want.”

Colorado Wind Energy Gets A Burst Of Good News – 04-12-2016 KUNC

Unlike fossil fuels, wind energy is booming.
Xcel Energy has announced a proposal with Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems to build a 300 turbine project in eastern Colorado. It would be the state’s largest wind farm. The utility isn’t releasing further information until the project is formally filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

Xcel, Vestas announce major new plan to create wind power in CO – 04-12-2016 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy, Colorado biggest utility, will build a 600 megawatt wind farm in Eastern Colorado that will be created using 100 percent Vestas wind turbines.
The project will be submitted to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in May as part of Xcel’s goal to add up to 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy in Colorado.

Vestas to build state’s largest wind farm for Xcel – 04-12-2016 BizWest

Vestas Wind Systems will build the turbines for Colorado’s largest wind farm as part of Xcel Energy’s plan to add up to 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy in the state, officials for both companies said Tuesday.

Xcel Plans Big New Wind-Power Plant In Eastern Colorado – 04-12-2016 KCNC-TV

Xcel Energy says it plans to build the state’s largest wind farm in eastern Colorado with enough turbines to generate 600 megawatts of electricity. The company announced the plan Tuesday but gave few details.

Colorado wind power rising; 1,880 turbines and Xcel, Vestas plan more – 04-12-2016 The Denver Post

Colorado wind power is rising with 1,880 giant turbines erected across the prairie, twisting white blades as long as soccer fields, replacing record amounts of energy generated by fossil fuels.
Falling costs, a state mandate and momentum from growing cumulative capacity are driving the shift to natural renewable energy.
It has reached the point where turbines have generated as much as 71 percent of the electricity produced in Colorado at one point in March and 54 percent during two 24-hour periods in October — feats un-matched around the nation, according to a report released Tuesday.

Xcel partners with Vestas to build new wind farm in eastern Colorado – 04-12-2016 The Brighton Blade

Energy provider Xcel Energy Tuesday announced plans to build a 600-megawatt wind farm in eastern Colorado powered by Vestas turbines.

Xcel plans big new wind-power plant in eastern Colorado – 04-12-2016 The Washington Times

Xcel Energy says it plans to build the state’s largest wind farm in eastern Colorado with enough turbines to generate 600 megawatts of electricity.

US wind power jobs hit record, up 20 percent in 2016 – 04-12-2016

Xcel Energy, the main utility in Colorado, has satisfied over 66 percent of its demand for electricity with wind at times.
“We have cultivated wind as our most cost-effective renewable energy option, because we recognize that this source of energy is not only a benefit to the environment, but also a major economic driver for the state,” said David Eves, president of Public Service Co. of Colorado, an Xcel Energy company. “Our plan is to expand our wind offerings to provide hundreds of new jobs for Coloradans, make a billion dollars in new investments, keep energy costs low for our customers, and improve the environment.”

Colorado Has More Wind Energy Jobs Than Most, Report Finds – 04-12-2016 Colorado Public Radio

The ranking comes as the president of Xcel Energy Colorado announced plans to construct one of the largest wind projects in the state—a wind farm in eastern Colorado that will add another 600 megawatts to the grid.
Xcel will formally seek approval from the state next month, said David Eaves, president of the company.

Wind power has ‘never been stronger,’ thanks to lower costs, tax credits, says industry report – 04-12-2016 Denver Business Journal

The nation’s wind industry “has never been stronger,” according to a new report by the American Wind Energy Association, an industry trade group.
The cost of generating power from wind has dropped by two-thirds since 2009, and 41 percent of the new power plants brought online in 2015 were wind farms, according to the report.
Colorado in 2015 added 399 megawatts of wind power, ranking the state fourth in the nation in terms of added megawatts and boosting the state’s total capacity by 15 percent, according to the report.

‘When the snow’s blowing, we go to work’: The Linemen Who Keep Your Lights On – 04-11-2016 Inside Energy

On a bitterly cold March morning in Denver, snow was forecast to start falling any minute. Time for Kevin Hinrichs and his crew to head out on the job.
“When the snow’s blowing and your power’s out, that’s when we go to work,” Hinrichs said.
Inside Energy has reported on the new technologies that are changing our electric grid, from smart meters to adding solar and wind power generation. But our electricity still travels from the power plant to our homes via miles of power lines. And someone has to keep those lines functioning. That someone is Hinrichs, a lineman for Xcel Energy.

Xcel Energy plans energy future with more wind, solar – 04-03-2016 Greeley Tribune

Xcel Energy plans a multifaceted change to operations that could soon significantly affect customers, offering smart-grid technology and personal choice on types of energy customers consume.

Minneapolis clean energy partnership receiving national recognition – 03-11-2016 Midwest Energy News

Now into its second year, a unique partnership between the city of Minneapolis and two utilities is receiving national recognition and praise from clean energy advocates.
On Wednesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded the Clean Energy Partnership a Climate Leadership Award in the “Innovative Partnerships” category.
That followed a January event at the White House where officials from the city and Xcel Energy were recognized by the Department of Energy for a software program that helps building owners to better understand their energy use.
The partnership – the first of its kind in the country – brings together the city of Minneapolis, Xcel and the natural gas company CenterPoint Energy in an effort reduce greenhouse gas emissions through efficiency programs, renewable energy options and other approaches.

Denver to be site of 2017 international solar competition – 03-11-2016 Denver Business Journal

Denver will be the site of the 2017 Solar Decathlon competition, an international contest sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy that focuses on the design and construction of solar-powered houses that are “affordable, innovative and highly energy-efficient.” Local supporters of the competition include Xcel Energy.

Xcel Energy Recognized for Reducing Carbon Emissions – 03-09-2016 Business Wire

The EPA, along with The Climate Registry and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, honored Xcel Energy with a 2016 Climate Leadership Award for its commitment to clean energy and excellence in greenhouse gas management.
The EPA also recognized Xcel Energy’s first in the nation partnership with the city of Minneapolis and CenterPoint Energy. The group received an Innovative Partnerships certificate for working together on leading-edge climate initiatives.

Xcel Energy to launch 2 big solar power-battery storage tests in Denver – 03-08-2016 Denver Business Journal

State regulators on Tuesday gave Xcel Energy Inc. the go-ahead to test what happens when big batteries are used to store solar power and added to the Denver-area grid.
The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on Tuesday issued its written decision granting Xcel’s request to spend $9.1 million on the two projects, considered part of the Innovation Clean Technology (ICT) demonstration project program.

PUC gives Xcel approval for $9.1 million investment in Panasonic, Stapleton – 03-08-2016 The Denver Post

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission’s approval allows Xcel to invest to learn how to handle the budding use of batteries to store excess solar power and how residential users and companies can connect batteries to Xcel’s grid.

Xcel Energy working to make Colorado an innovation hub – 03-07-2016 Progress Colorado

Xcel Energy has introduced a series of initiatives that will create a more modern and efficient-energy grid, nurture new technologies and give customers more choices for their energy use.

As Boulder plans utility, energy proposals move Xcel toward future – 03-05-2016 Boulder Daily Camera

“Communities are adopting different interests beyond low rates and high reliability,” Jackson said. “They want more control over their energy and choices that they haven’t had in the past. We’ve been hearing from communities, from cities, from developers of large residential projects, from large companies that have sustainability goals,” said Alice Jackson, Xcel Energy’s regional vice president for rates and regulatory affairs.

Xcel Energy aims to double solar capacity over next 3 years – 03-01-2016 BizWest

While wind is still the utility’s major source of renewable energy, Xcel Energy on Monday unveiled plans to double the amount of solar power generation in its portfolio over the next three years.

Xcel Energy’s Colorado Plans Have Major Focus On Solar – 03-01-2016 Solar Industry

Xcel Energy has submitted its 2017 Colorado Renewable Energy Plan, a three-year outline that covers several clean energy resources but includes a strong emphasis on solar power. “We all share the goal of meeting Colorado’s energy needs in the most reliable, clean, safe and affordable way possible,” says David Eves, president of Public Service Co. of Colorado, an Xcel Energy company.

Xcel reaches settlement, will increase Colorado solar power – 03-01-2016 Clean Energy Authority

“I believe this settlement lays a strong foundation for a low-carbon future at a reasonable cost, which is what the Legislature intended,” Colorado PUC Chairman Joshua Epel said.

Xcel Energy proposes adding massive amounts of solar power – 02-29-2016 Denver Business Journal

Colorado currently has 542 megawatts worth of solar power systems operating in the state. Xcel Energy says that number can go much higher.

Xcel Energy’s new renewable power plan skews towards solar in Colorado – 02-29-2016 The Denver Post

Xcel Energy filed a new renewable energy plan with the Colorado PUC Monday that could more than double its portfolio of solar power in the state over the next three years. “Our plan is all about our energy future in Colorado, and allowing our customers to choose and pay for the energy sources that they believe are best for them,” David Eves, president of Public Service Co. of Colorado, said in a statement.

Xcel Energy: Committed to Renewables, but Going Its Own Way – 02-29-2016 Power Magazine

Xcel Energy has ambitions to be the nation’s leader in renewable electricity generation. At the same time, as with many power generators, the company is moving away from coal, once a staple.

Twenty Metro Denver Businesses Honored by Mile High United Way for Outstanding Commitment to Community – 02-25-2016 PRWEB

Best Employee Engagement and Boots on the Ground: Presented to Xcel Energy for outstanding achievement in employee education and engagement year-round.

Xcel, solar developers reach major accord to expand systems – 02-23-2016 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy Inc. and three community solar power developers said Tuesday that they’ve reached an agreement to add up to 60 megawatts of solar power in Colorado.

Xcel Energy steps up community solar efforts – 02-23-2016 The Denver Post

Xcel Energy currently works with community solar gardens providing 47.5 megawatts. The new additions should push it above 100 megawatts.

Wind-power support pays off for homeowners, businesses – 02-18-2016 BizWest

Colorado made an early decision to embrace renewable energy, and today homeowners and businesses alike are reaping the rewards as a result. The Colorado PUC has noted that a single wind purchase by Xcel Energy “will save ratepayers $100 million over its 25-year term.”

Wind power surges in Colorado, nationwide – 02-18-2016 Denver Business Journal

The wind industry nationwide notched its third-best year in 2015 in terms of new wind farms built, according to the AWEA. In Colorado, Xcel Energy has expressed an interest in adding wind and solar power to its portfolio. “The U.S. wind industry hasn’t seen this kind of rapid growth for years,” said John Hensley, AWEA’s manager for industry data and analysis.

Colorado, Our Energy Future Plan – 02-12-2016 KREX-TV

Our Energy Future, a plan released by Xcel Energy, highlights the future of Colorado energy.
“We’re really looking at how can we continue to embrace technology and the advancements that we’re seeing happening in our service territory, as well as continuing to promote economic development in the state – jobs and new businesses coming here, and then also how do we empower our customers to really take advantage of the choices that they do have and that they’re wanting to make,” said Alice Jackson, Xcel Energy’s regional vice president of Rates and Regulatory Affairs. (Video available in link.)

Market demands driving Xcel changes – 02-12-2016 Daily Sentinel

Alice Jackson, Xcel Energy’s regional vice president of Rates and Regulatory Affairs, said new solar offerings and a rate redesign that hinges on a new, interactive metering system will provide new renewable energy options without passing the cost on to all ratepayers.
Some customers may want more than 30 percent of their electricity (the state’s renewables standard) to come from green sources. They’ll have that option, but will pay a higher rate, which will help the company add an incremental 50 megawatt solar farm to its existing 170 megawatts of solar generation.

Why Colorado is so far ahead in meeting Clean Power Plan goals – 02-07-2016 energybiz

While many states are just beginning to lay out their plans to meet the ambitious goals of the Clean Power Plan, Colorado is already most of the way there, thanks in part to Xcel Energy’s move away from coal-fired plants.
“Xcel has been very successful in beginning this transition from a system that was mostly big coal plants,” said John Nielsen, energy program director for Western Resources Advocates, a Boulder-based environmental law and policy nonprofit. “They have shown that you can begin to transition away from coal with some increased use of natural gas, but mostly with a lot of energy efficiency and renewables.”

Xcel lays out sweeping plan for Colorado’s energy future – 01-25-2016 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy on Monday launched the first element of a sweeping new plan that executives say will upgrade the state’s power grid and give customers more choice in how they source and use energy. “The idea is to have a foward-looking plan that looks at the way this will get done,” said David Eves, president of Public Service Company of Colorado.

Smartening the city: Denver vies to become what’s next – 01-24-2016 The Denver Post

Panasonic reached out to Xcel Energy to build a smart grid to store excess solar power in batteries for backup use.
Chad Nickell, Xcel’s manager of system planning and strategy, said that the smart grid is solely for Panasonic’s use and it’s really more of a demonstration to see what works.
“One of the things we’re really trying to learn with this project is that rather than let people connect batteries to our system and us learning on the fly, the key learning is how do we create interconnection rules for batteries and create a benefit” for everyone, Nickell said.

Xcel Energy Marks Safest Year – 01-23-2016 The Pueblo Chieftain

Xcel Energy said the rate of worker injuries was down for the eighth straight year in 2015, making the 12-month period its “best safety year ever.”

Denver, Panasonic unveil ‘smart city’ tech projects at CES – 01-05-2016 Denver Business Journal

The Denver projects announced Tuesday include a solar energy collection and battery storage carport system built with the help of utility company Xcel Energy.

Colorado regulators affirm decision rejecting part of Boulder’s muni plan – 01-04-2016 Utility Dive

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission determined the city’s plan to take over Xcel Energy’s infrastructure in unincorporated areas violated the principles of monopoly operation and could not move ahead.

PUC affirms November’s split decision on Boulder’s muni plans – 12-30-2015 Boulder Daily Camera

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission on Wednesday affirmed the oral decision handed down at its meeting last month in which it ruled Boulder cannot acquire Xcel Energy facilities that exclusively serve customers outside city limits, and that the commissioners won’t force the utility to share facilities with the city.

Minneapolis’ Clean Energy Partnership finds more people willing to make changes – 12-25-2015 Star Tribune

More Minneapolis homeowners and apartment dwellers are improving the energy efficiency of their homes as the city wraps up its first year of a new program with local utilities.

SunPower, Xcel Energy Solar Plant Delivering Power In Colorado – 12-23-2015 Solar Industry

Xcel Energy and SunPower Corp. have announced that the 50 MW Hooper solar PV power plant located on a 320-acre site in Colorado’s San Luis Valley has now reached commercial operation.

Colorado gets massive boost in solar power capacity – 12-23-2015 Denver Business Journal

A 50-megawatt, Hooper solar power plant covering 320 acres in the San Luis Valley started commercial operation Wednesday, sending power to Colorado customers of Xcel Energy. “This expansion of our renewable portfolio in Colorado is yet another example of how Xcel Energy brings solar power to its customers,” said David Eves, president of Public Service Company of Colorado.

Solar testing site powering up $1.5M expansion – 12-21-2015 Denver BusinessDen

SolarTAC, a 74-acre campus dedicated to solar research outside of Denver International Airport, will break ground on a $1.5 million expansion of its existing outdoor laboratory this summer. Xcel Energy, Abengoa and SunEdison paid $6.1 million upfront to be the site’s founding members.

Xcel plans to decrease electric, gas rates in early 2016 – 12-16-2015 The Denver Post

Xcel’s quarterly Gas Cost Adjustment filed with the state utilities commission shows a downward adjustment in energy prices from the current quarter.

Xcel’s Colorado customers to see 21% drop in gas bills – 12-15-2015 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy said the new rates will result in “significantly lower bills, particularly for natural gas customers, for the second half of the current winter heating season.

How utilities are meeting rising corporate demand for renewables – 12-14-2015 Utility Dive

Renewable*Connect, a new proposal from Xcel Energy in Minnesota, “is an example of a utility trying to include all the Principles and create a product that would appeal to the entire range of corporate customers,” said Letha Tawney, Utility Innovation Director at the World Resources Institute. “I am in conversations with utilities around the country and we expect more proposals during the winter, but Xcel’s is the first to be in the works and they are pursuing regulatory approval.”

With New Programs and Renewable Resources, Xcel Energy Is Ready for the Future – 12-09-2015 E Source

Xcel Energy, an E Source member for nearly 15 years, is a major US electricity and natural gas company with operations in 8 western and midwestern states providing service to 3.4 million electricity customers and 1.9 million natural gas customers. We sat down with Jerome Davis—regional vice president for Public Service Company of Colorado, an Xcel Energy company—to understand more about Xcel Energy and its top initiatives.

Xcel’s support ranges wide – it helps causes from the environment to education and more
– 11/20/2015 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy was named the DBJ’s 2015 Partners in Philanthropy winner for large companies.

Xcel responding to power outages due to high winds in Boulder County – 11/18/2015 Boulder Daily Camera

Thousands of people lost power this morning in Boulder County due to the high winds, but Xcel Energy officials said most of the outages have been brief or have already been addressed.

Lafayette to honor 41 green businesses – 11/17/2015 BizWest

The Green Business program, a collaborative effort of LESAC, the Lafayette Waste Reduction Advisory Committee, Boulder County Partners for a Clean Environment and Xcel Energy, will honor 41 green businesses in Lafayette.

Xcel Energy proposes 100% renewable power option for consumers – 11/16/2015 Utility Dive

Xcel Energy has proposed a 100%-renewable power option available to all customers, with key features designed to meet the needs of businesses expanding in Minnesota.

Xcel proposes green-only electricity as customer option – 11/12/2015 Star Tribune

Corporate and other customers of Xcel Energy Inc. in Minnesota will have the option of signing long-term deals to get their electricity from wind and solar farms under a proposed program called Renewable Connect announced Thursday by the utility.
The program, which requires state regulatory approval, would be open to all customers. But key features are aimed at large business power users that have corporate sustainability targets or wish to market themselves as powered by renewable energy.

Colorado PUC Approves New LED Street Lighting Tariff for Xcel Energy – 12/9/2015 Environment Guru

Xcel Energy will work with Colorado municipalities to convert up to 95,000 high-pressure sodium street lamps to energy efficient LEDs. Participating municipalities will pay less for street lighting while achieving 50% or greater energy savings. Xcel Energy estimates savings of more than 50 GWH of electricity per year once all eligible lamps are converted.

Xcel Energy Among Nation’s Top Employers for Military Veterans – 11/11/2015

While millions across the country are honoring our veterans, a local employer is being honored for it’s heroic efforts in hiring our nation’s heroes. Xcel Energy has been ranked eighth in the nation for recruiting and retaining military veteran employees.

The Monster/ 2015 best companies for veterans list – 11/11/2015

We set out to find the businesses that are doing the most heroic work to hire our nation’s heroes. These 10 get our commendation for their commitments to hiring and training vets.

Boulder may build distribution assets to push through municipalization – 11/11/2015 Utility Dive

Boulder’s plans to form a municipal utility got a lot more complicated when state regulators last week nixed the city’s plan to take over Xcel infrastructure in unincorporated areas.

Regulators reject part of Boulder muni bid, but case moves forward – 11/6/2015 Utility Dive

Boulder’s plan to form a municipal utility was never going to be simple, but figuring out how to provide power to residents outside the incorporated boundaries has perplexed the city. Now state regulators have made it clear that taking over the wires outside the town is not an option, sending city officials back to the drawing board.

Xcel Home Energy Squad aiming to save customers money on utility bills – 11/5/2015 KDVR-TV

“We bring energy efficiency right to the customer’s door,” Xcel’s Tyler Allison said. (Video available in link)

PUC: Boulder can’t take Xcel facilities that only serve customers outside city – 11/4/2015 Boulder Daily Camera

Boulder cannot acquire Xcel Energy facilities that exclusively serve customers outside city limits, and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission will not force the utility to share facilities with the city, the commissioners ruled Wednesday.
The commission partially dismissed an application from the city of Boulder to acquire facilities, including substations and distribution infrastructure, outside city limits for the creation of a city-run energy utility.

PUC dismisses portion of Boulder utility application, but case moves forward – 11/4/2015 BizWest

“It is clear that the application as submitted infringes upon the exclusive service territory of (Xcel),” PUC’s chairman Joshua Epel said. “When the city submits a subsequent amended application, it must be designed to enable the city to provide service exclusively for the benefit of the citizens of Boulder without running afoul of the doctrine of regulated monopoly.”

Xcel says it can cut carbon emissions 60% by 2030 without big jump in rates – 11/2/2015 Platts

Xcel Energy is confident it can cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2030 from 2005 levels at a negligible cost to customers, which includes adding more than 2,000 MW of renewables, according to Benjamin Fowke, president and CEO.

Xcel wants to test battery storage for solar power in Denver area – 10/30/2015 Denver Business Journal

“Our goal is to use these demonstration projects as a foundation for how to efficiently manage renewable energy on our Colorado system, and to continue to provide our customers with insight into the energy choices they want and value,” said David Eves, president of Public Service Co. of Colorado, Xcel’s subsidiary in the state.

Fowke named a Corporate Responsibility magazine Responsible CEO of the Year – 10/23/2015 PR Newswire

Ben Fowke, chairman, president and CEO, Xcel Energy, was one of the winners of the 2015 Responsible CEO of the Year Awards. These awards are presented to CEOs who visibly exceed standards in the areas of employee relations, environmental impact and sustainability, human rights, philanthropy, and corporate responsibility practices.

Wind power now cheaper than natural gas for Xcel, CEO says – 10/23/2015 Bloomberg

Xcel Energy, the biggest U.S. provider of wind power, expects long-term contracts for the technology to beat the cost of natural gas, another sign of the rapid transformation of the power market. On some of the windiest days, the company’s farms supply as much as 60 percent of the utility’s power.

Boulder defends push to form municipal utility ahead of PUC hearing – 10/19/2015 Utility Dive

Over the summer, PUC staff cast doubt on the city’s plan, saying the application was incomplete and that Boulder was unclear on how it would facilitate a clean break from Xcel’s service.
The case has become more complicated since regulators in late August allowed five additional interveners to join the proceeding, doubling the number of parties embroiled in the case.

Lower oil, natural gas prices translate into more manageable utility bills, says Xcel – 10/19/2015 KMGH-TV

Xcel Energy says customers in Colorado will see a slight uptick in energy prices for the fourth quarter of 2015, but overall utility bills will be significantly lower when compared to the start of the 2014 winter heating season. “In our case, obviously, with fuel costs so low, we’ve dropped bills by about 20 percent,” said Xcel spokesman Gabriel Romero, “that’s really good.” (Video available in link)

Xcel blows through Colorado wind-energy records – 10/15/2015 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy said that on Oct. 2, an average of 54% of its Colorado customers’ energy was supplied by wind power, setting new records for single-day and one-hour wind-energy production in Colorado. “For the first time, wind generation supplied more than half of our (Colorado) customers’ energy for an entire day, reaching a daily average of 54 percent,” said Drake Bartlett, senior trading analyst in Xcel’s Commercial Operations area. “Most notably, wind energy served more than 50 percent of our customers’ load every hour that Friday, except during the last hour of the day when it served about 49 percent of the load.”

How a bad hair day helped power your home & set records for Xcel Energy – 10/15/2015 KCNC-TV

On Oct. 2, Xcel Energy set a new record for providing power through wind generation. Between 3-4 p.m. on Oct. 2 the wind produced 2,352 megawatt hours. “For the first time, wind generation supplied more than half of our customers’ energy for an entire day, reaching a daily average of 54 percent,” said Drake Bartlett, senior trading analyst in Xcel Energy’s Commercial Operations area.

Community solar comes of age in the West – 10/15/2015 Pique Newsmagazine

A look at how community-solar has taken off across the U.S., particularly in the West. Notably, between 2012 and 2015, Clean Energy Collective constructed 11 projects hooked to Xcel Energy’s grid.

Solar array gets the green light – 10/15/2015 Pueblo Chieftain

Alamosa County commissioners gave their conditional approval Wednesday to what could be, if built to full capacity, the largest solar plant in the San Luis Valley. “A successful and approved permit allows us to market the project,” Invenergy’s James Williams said. To date, Xcel Energy has been the only utility to buy power from the valley’s five solar plants.

Xcel Energy grant will provide STEM opportunities – 10/13/2015 Brush News-Tribune

The Brush STEM Initiative program will again benefit thanks to a $17,000 grant from Xcel Energy. “The funds provided will allow our rural students the opportunity to participate in educational summer camps (local and college), science fairs, robotics clubs and other available STEM programs, as well as enhance the science education with our school district through the purchase of scientific technology,” Darline Miner, Brush School District Gifted/Talented Coordinator, explained.

Greality: Good Samaritan sees about $115K in energy rebates – 10/11/2015 Greeley Tribune

Following the conversion to energy efficient induction and LED lighting in Greeley, the Greeley Good Samaritan will save $115,723 per year in energy costs. The change also resulted in an $114,033 rebate from Xcel Energy of Colorado.

PUC asks Boulder, Xcel for more arguments on city’s muni request – 9/30/2015 Boulder Daily Camera

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission wants to hear arguments from Boulder and Xcel Energy about how the principle of regulated monopoly applies to the city’s plans to create a municipal energy utility that includes infrastructure outside its geographic boundaries.

Is this the end for Boulder’s municipal plan? – 9/30/2015 Utility Dive

Colorado regulators will take up a recommendation today — proposed by their own staff — to dismiss the city of Boulder’s application.

Xcel Energy awards new round of Solar*Rewards projects – 9/29/2015 Commerce City Sentinel

Xcel Energy earlier this month announced the winning bids for nearly 30 megawatts of solar projects through the Solar*Rewards Community program, or solar gardens. “We are committed to solar energy and support a range of choices to meet different customer needs and interests,” said David Eves, president of Public Service Company of Colorado, an Xcel Energy company. “We value working with community solar garden developers to provide Colorado customers with even more choices for renewable energy options.”

State policy, utilities ignite community solar growth – 9/22/2015 Bloomberg

Xcel Energy is one of the investor-owned utilities that has entered into the community solar market. Frank Prager, Xcel’s vice president of policy and federal affairs, said that Xcel has to ensure that the rates of customers who don’t want community solar aren’t affected as it enters this market. “You need to make sure that customers who want solar can get access to it and that customers who don’t want solar aren’t paying too much in terms of the subsidy,” he said.

Xcel donates – 9/20/2015 Pueblo Chieftain

Xcel Energy on Sept. 12 hosted its annual statewide Day of Service. More than 2,800 Xcel workers and community volunteers participated in charitable acts such as preparing free meals to be distributed in the state.

Tamarisk Coalition gets $20K from Xcel – 9/18/2015 Daily Sentinel

Tamarisk Coalition received a $20,000 grant from Xcel Energy to support riparian restoration in Colorado. “Continued support from Xcel Energy has greatly enabled the DRC to continue its work to restore riparian habitat in Mesa and Delta Counties,” said Shannon Hatch, Restoration Coordinator with Tamarisk Coalition and coordinator for the DRC in a news release.

Xcel Energy bills expected to drop significantly in coming months – 9/16/2015 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy on Tuesday filed its routine quarterly price adjustment with the Colorado PUC for the electricity and natural gas rates it will charge during the fourth quarter, the utility’s forecast indicated that monthly heating bills are likely to be a lot smaller this year compared to last year.

Xcel Energy touts lower natural-gas bills for coming winter season – 9/16/2015 BizWest

Xcel Energy is asking permission to adjust its rates for natural gas and electricity for the fourth quarter of this year that likely will result in lower natural-gas bills during the coming winter season.

Xcel loading up on solar power in Colorado – 9/16/2015 Denver Business Journal

Xcel Energy on Tuesday said it’s selected three companies to supply nearly 30 megawatts of renewable energy via its Solar*Rewards Community program, which works to build “community solar projects.” “We are committed to solar energy and support a range of choices to meet different customer needs and interests,” said David Eves, president of Public Service Company of Colorado.

Clean Energy Collective snags large share of Solar Rewards contracts from Xcel – 9/15/2015 BizWest

Solar energy developer Clean Energy Collective has earned contracts for eight community solar gardens, including one in Boulder County, as part of a new round of Solar Rewards Community program awards announced Tuesday by Xcel Energy.

More than 3,000 people help nonprofits on Xcel Energy Day of Service – 9/12/2015 KCNC-TV

In its 5th year, Xcel Energy’s Day of Service is bigger than ever. Held on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Denver metro area and other parts of the state, the event saw more than 3,000 people helping 60 nonprofits. “We are packing 150,000 meals today,” said David Eves, President of Xcel Energy. (Video available in link)

Tamarisk Coalition receives $20,000 grant – 9/10/2015 KREX-TV

The Tamarisk Coalition will be able to continue beautifying watersheds in the Grand Valley with a $20,000 grant from Xcel Energy. “We have an interest in providing funding to help these community organizations go ahead and move forward with this sustainability plan that does work into our corporate mission as well of being a steward and responsible by nature,” said Kelly Flenniken, area manager for Xcel Energy. (Video available in link)

Colorado’s solar power market hits major national milestone – 9/9/2015 Denver Business Journal

Colorado installed 18.5 megawatts worth of solar power during the second quarter of this year, up 38% from the first quarter and a 68% jump over the second quarter of 2014, according to a report from GTM Research and the SEIA.

Denver Parks welcomes Day of Service volunteers – 9/3/2015 KCNC-TV

Last year, volunteer hours saved the city $600,000. That’s one of the reasons the Denver Parks and Recreation Department participates in Xcel Energy’s Day of Service. “If we can get families out to do these activities, it makes them investing the community park in their neighborhood,” Scott Gilmore, interim executive director of Denver Parks and Recreation, told CBS4. (Video available in link)

Here’s where Colorado ranks for solar power capacity – 9/3/2015 Denver Business Journal

Colorado ranked 10th nationwide for the amount of solar power capacity it had on a per-capita basis, according to a new report from the Environment Colorado Research & Policy Center.

Xcel employees look forward to Day of Service – 9/1/2015 KCNC-TV

Xcel Energy had such a positive response to Day of Service among their own employees that they decided to expand it out to everyone in Colorado. “Day of Service is a really great opportunity to interact with my communities, but also my fellow employees of Xcel Energy. We get to go out and have fun and give back to really great nonprofits,” said Baird McKevitt, a change management manager for Xcel Energy and president of Attention Homes in Boulder. (Video available in link)

PUC staff sides with Xcel on Boulder utility plan – 8/28/2015 Boulder Daily Camera

Staff members for the state PUC sided against the city Friday in recommending the dismissal of what they called an “incomplete application.” “Boulder has proposed to provide distribution wheeling services to these (county) customers,” PUC staff members wrote in Friday’s filing. “Under its proposal, (Xcel) would provide only energy and billing services to these customers, while Boulder would provide all the other services involved in providing retail utility service and would own and control all of the distribution system assets used to deliver electricity to these customers.”

PUC staff issues support for Xcel’s motion to dismiss Boulder municipalization application – 8/28/2015 BizWest

The Colorado PUC staff on Friday afternoon filed a response in support of Xcel Energy’s motion to dismiss the city of Boulder’s application to create a municipal electric utility, urging the commissioners to deem the application incomplete.

Karis community hosts Day of Service volunteers – 8/26/2015 KCNC-TV

Xcel Energy is signing up volunteers from all over the state to participate in Day of Service. For three hours on September 12, thousands of volunteers will be helping out at nearly 60 different projects set up by Xcel. (Video available in link)

Broomfield firm to build state’s largest solar farm near Pueblo – 8/21/2015 Denver Post

RES will construct Colorado’s largest solar farm, the Comanche Solar project. SunEdison raised $253 million for the project and has signed a 25-year purchase agreement with Public Service Company of Colorado. “Our current expectations are that the majority of these workers are local or would be sourced locally,” said RES spokesman Scott Dunaway, who expects to employ 300 to 400 workers to build the Comanche Solar project.

Largest solar project east of Rockies comes to Pueblo – 8/21/2015 KOAA-TV

The Comanche Solar Project, an expansion by Xcel Energy, will be sending electricity from Pueblo to the Denver area which will be able to generate enough electricity to power 30,000 homes. “We’re doing it at a price that is very discounted to what it would take to do rooftop solar or kind of more of a distributed solar,” says Paul Gaynor, Executive Vice President of SunEdison, the panels’ owner. “This is probably half the cost…” (Video available in link)

SunEdison builds 156MW Colorado solar farm – 8/20/2015 Argus Media

SunEdison has started construction of a 156MW solar project in Colorado that will supply generation to Public Service of Colorado, an Xcel Energy subsidiary. “It demonstrates that large-scale solar power can play an increasingly larger role in our customers’ energy future at a competitive price,” said Public Service of Colorado president David Eves.

Work begins on largest solar farm east of the Rocky Mountains – 8/20/2015 KRDO-TV

The Comanche Solar Project east of the Rocky Mountains broke ground Thursday. The project will cover 950 acres and generate enough power to provide electricity to more than 30,000 homes. “Pueblo will benefit because of the jobs, Colorado will benefit because this is a state of the art facility,” said Public Service Company Colorado President David Eves.

Work begins on largest solar farm east of the Rocky Mountains – 8/20/2015

The Comanche Solar Project east of the Rocky Mountains broke ground Thursday. The project will cover 950 acres and generate enough power to provide electricity to more than 30,000 homes. “Pueblo will benefit because of the jobs, Colorado will benefit because this is a state of the art facility,” said Public Service Company Colorado President David Eves.

Colorado ahead of the curve when it comes to Clean Power Plan – 8/19/2015 Colorado Public Radio

When it comes to meeting CPP goals, Colorado is ahead of its peers in the West. To find out why, look no further than Xcel Energy’s Cherokee Generating Station in Denver. Later this year, this plant will fully transition to natural gas. “This state has been on a path for a long time to reduce its emissions and transition to a clean energy future,” said Frank Prager, vice president for policy at Xcel Energy. (Audio available in link)

Local groups seek to intervene in Boulder PUC case – 8/10/2015 Boulder Daily Camera

A group representing Boulder County residents, the University of Colorado and the Boulder Chamber of Commerce are among the entities seeking to formally intervene in the city’s municipalization case before the Colorado PUC. “We feel like the county residents have been left out of this process,” said Mike Dorsey, a resident of Gunbarrel Green and president of Leave BoCo Out. “We did not get a vote. We were told that we would not be included. Then we were told that we would be included. Then we were told that we would not be included. Why do they need the equipment if they aren’t going to serve us. If they have everything down to the meters, we’re Xcel customers in name only.”

Where Colorado ranks on new wind power – 8/10/2015 Denver Business Journal

Colorado ranks seventh among the states for wind-power generation capacity installed in 2014, and 10th for total wind power installed through last year, according to a pair of reports from the U.S. Department of Energy. The report noted that “recent improvements in the cost and performance of wind power technologies … have resulted in the lowest power sales prices ever seen in the U.S. wind sector.”

Energy Pipeline: Wind energy research just a jog away from Colorado oil patch – 8/9/2015 Greeley Tribune

A major energy provider in Weld County, Xcel Energy, offers a program called Windsource to allow customers to pay a little extra every month to get some or all of their energy from wind energy. “Colorado has excellent wind resources and Xcel Energy is capitalizing on this wind to deliver clean, affordable renewable energy to customers,” according to a statement from Xcel. It said wind power is its most affordable renewable resource. “We continue to grow our use of wind power in Colorado.”

Utilities, state formulating actions for Clean Power Plan – 8/5/2015 Denver Post

A round-up of progress in the Colorado energy sector in achieving compliance with the Obama administrations new Clean Power Plan, including comments from vice president of policy and federal affairs at Xcel Energy, Frank Prager, on the company’s multi-pronged approach to tackling the same challenge.

Colorado already 75% toward Clean Power Plan goals, some say – 8/4/2015 Denver Business Journal

Colorado is about 75% toward the 2030 goal, based on actions already taken and programs implemented and expected, according to John Nielsen, clean energy program director for Western Resource Advocates.

State’s utility says it can meet air standard – 8/3/2015 Durango Herald

Xcel Energy said it is well-positioned to meet a new federal requirement announced Monday that the state cut carbon-dioxide emissions by more than 28 percent by 2030.