Suzy Ageton and Leslie Durgin: It’s time to end the muni experiment – 10/21/2017 Boulder Daily Camera

In this election you can say “No More With My Money.” In 2011, the city told Boulder voters that if the experiment to take over Xcel’s energy electric power network (“muni” or “municipalization”) wasn’t working as expected, we could stop the process by voting to end the special tax that pays for the effort.

Howard Geller: A better way forward than the muni – 10-21-2017 Boulder Daily Camera

Much has been written in the Daily Camera both pro and con regarding Boulder’s pursuit of a municipal electric utility, and whether or not to continue the tax that is funding the city’s muni campaign (ballot issue 2L).

Ron Laughery: A whopper and a fantasy about muni – 10-19-2017 Boulder Weekly

What more is there to say?

The muni’s time has passed – 10-18-2017 Boulder Weekly

Sometimes conflicts go on for so long that people forget how they started.


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